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Its a joy to hear people enjoying their work and seeking opportunities to grow in their chosen careers. Can I confess that I am actually having a hard time searching for the path I must be. I quit school because I felt that its not where I should be. A friend told that I am experiencing midlife crisis at an early age. She can't understand that I am pressuring myself when I am still young so I should enjoy life than worrying about the future.

Mike Cornelia

I just purchased my first couple heavy equipment construction vehicles yesterday. My next issue is finding a reliable heavy equipment shipping company. I am really hoping that this won't be too difficult or expensive, but am prepared to pay for quality.


Wow!Great article about heavy equipment .Knowing these things can help readers a lot. Thanks admin for posting it.


I love this one! at first I was worried that it would be impossible for a woman to complete this course because of the big machines but now I know I can do it. Awesome, this is what i wanted to take up but I had some doubts about it but now my thoughts are positive "Woot-Woot" *L*.
Do we need a drivers license??? j/w...


Knowing that heavy equipment operators are definitely in-demand these days, there would certainly be a bright future for those who take up this course.

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I am going to share this information with some of my selected friends for them to find out what is this heavy equipment thing.

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