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Awesome pics Christine! I love the bananas in Professor Try's class :) Where does one find a banana costume anyway?

Dustin Quezada

Way to get involved, Ms. Student Blogger! And nice work on the dual costumes :)

Mikael Jensen, NWCCSU Organiser

Over 50 members (students) stopped by and/or stayed thru till the end of the night... but it was no NWCCSU Saint Patricks Day 2011 Bash thats for sure. Too bad there are no photos of "Katie Purry" and the Nursing student cohort at the event, they owned the dance floor for sure. Also, props to all the culinary arts students who came out even tho they had class at 6AM. You guys rock!

Christine makes a good point, these events are organized for you and the Students' Union is always looking for your feedback and suggestions, email [email protected] anytime or stop by the office!

You can also add Nwccsu Cfs as a friend on Facebook to better stay in the loop about upcoming events and activities on campus and throughout the rest of the semester.

Bored on Wednesday evenings?
The Students' Union has been helping dorms residents to organize Terrace campus movie nights on Wednesday evenings in the Learning Center, showtime is 7:30PM. Free weekly student event w Free popcorn.


Great pics Christine - Thanks for sharing!


Has this blog come to an end? Really enjoyed Christine's humourous perspective.

Veasley Wren

@CJ, I think it's not ended. I love her post. It's very entertaining. And oh, those gorgeous photos, I really like them. I really love to visit here.

Truluck Lively

Honestly, I just watch Halloween parties on tvs and magazines. How I wish I could actually join this event because this really excites me especially my children.

Pettie Underhill

Nice pics. Love the banana costume.

Osbourn Judy

Very nice, nice costumes Christine. The cute bee and the superwoman. Love it.

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