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Patricia Angus

Way to go Olga. It is a great accomplishment that you have done. It just goes to show you nothing is impossible. Way to go.If we put our mind to get something we can do it.You proved it. Congrats to you, you deserve it.

Emily Mlieczko

Olga, you are one of the most amazing women I have met in the field.The children and familes are truley blessed to have such a wonderful person in their lives.

Laurie Barker

Congratulations and Hallelujia!! Olga. I am so proud of you. You have perservered through to accomplish your dream. You are a real Early Childhood Educator, now on your certificate, as you have always been in your heart. Thanks for sending this link to me.

David Stirling

We are looking for Certified ECE to work for a Day Care program.
Interested individuals please send your resume to Bethel First Baptist Church
1433 India Ave.
Prince Rupert, BC. V8J 2Y1
or email it to deacan@citywest.ca
For more information call: 250-624-2273

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